Eye Opener

How often do we get to take a look at life through another’s eyes?  With the internet it’s become way easier… Below is a post I copied from my baby brother’s blog, at the time he asked me to read his blog and I was so overwhelmed with my own grief that I didn’t.  Here is my story from his perspective:


Why I am here in Germany22NOV2005

Okay. . . . A bit of history for everyone. This is actually from a great question I got on a reply to a letter I sent to XXX tazz XXX

Long story. . . It will be short since so many people have asked me to tell it:

my sister got married
her husband joined the army
i graduated junior college
they were stationed here in Hanau
he was deployed to the sand
i came to help my sister while he was away
i found a job making pizza
i moved to my own apartment in Langenselbold
he came back then went away again to the sand
i decided to stay and help her again
she decided to leave and get a job in the states
i moved back to Hanau to watch her place

Now it comes to be told that he cheated on her while he was gone and they are going to get a divorce, this after six years of marriage. I have decided to try and make a go of it here while I decide to go to Spain and study in Pamplona.

I am sorry if I made it seem so cut and dry but I have been dealing with this for the past few months, alone most of the time because I do not feel it is really my business to tell anyone that I know. All the people that I know are friends with my brother-in-law and or my sister. I must say that I have gotten over the sad part and now just want to get revenge for what he has done to my sister but she has told me not to do anything about it.

That is where I am in all of this. Thank you for listening —- reading.



One thought on “Eye Opener

  1. If you wonder, ever, how this makes me feel…does it make me feel stupid for running away, deceived, rejected, alone???? The answer is yes to some and no to others.

    You wonder what I feel? Really? I feel loved. I am shoked and not really, but-yeah shoked that my brother, my pretty pacifist of a brother, who at the time wasn’t even eating meat wanted to avenge me. Me! Me?! Wow, I’m not trying to get all sappy and I hope he doesn’t read this…but I am teary over this. I know – knew – think-KNOW that my brother cares, I mean dag, he left the country and followed me 1/2 way across the world so I wouldn’t be that lonely. But wow, he wanted revenge for me. WOW! That is the brothely love thing that the Bible talks about, unconditional. I love you too!

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