Symphonic Overload

“Symphonic Overload”

30 Apr 09


Why did the mice follow a fiddler?


Pipe in hand. 

Sound in hand.

Music. Sound. Pipe!


Is it? 

Worth while to follow fiddlers pipe?

Unsure where sound leads!?


Fiddle in hand.

Pipe in hand.

Fiddle. Sound. Pipe. Death!


Symphonic overload:

All they heard. Overwhelmed;

By fiddlers pipe.


Music flowed;

Sound erupted;

Rapture came.


Overwhelmingly smooth.

Some, sound convinced,

reach their death


Not grudgingly:

Willingly. Overwhelmingly. 

Overloaded. Overwhelmed!


Sounds requiring words. NOT!

Pen to paper. Ink to skin. WOW!

Tattooed on skin. Marked!


Different for life.

The melody, Loud!

Sounds. Overwhelm me. Change me. Differ.


Requiring lyrics.


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