NO Clue

Okay, here goes.  People, myself included have no clue about how a person really feels.  How they feel deep down low.  On the inside.  In their insides.  In their soul.

What love leftover feels like as it sits and simmers and lays.  Flat.  In your belly.  In your stomach.  In your heart.

People will never really get it.  It.  That thing that gets you up late at night with sweats that are undetermined.  Impossible to explain.  Can’t be taken away.  Terrors that leave you confused.  As you realize even the person who you share that love with may never know.

Not in life.  Maybe in death.  If lucky, finally in death it will be picture perfect and finally understood.  My love for you feels like that.  Confused, confusing.  Real, really.  True and just for you.


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